A Teacher’s Insight

My idea was to create a Facebook page where I could share original poetry and funny stories about the “joys” of teaching young children. So A Teacher’s Insight was born and I began this new creative venture.

Having worked with children since 2007, I thankfully had quite a number of funny stories to relate. My second poem, “Please don’t Eat the Playdough” went down well and I started to build a small following.

A year after starting the Facebook page, I realised that I had enough poems to publish a small collection. The problem was that I had no idea how to do this! In the end, I used Createspace and A LOT of patience to put together the book online and then it was there – on Amazon, to buy!

A Teacher’s Insight was mainly for fellow teachers who would be able to relate to some of the funny things that kids do at school. However, I soon saw that it was also of interest to parents who had young children. Note to anyone who is thinking of publishing on Kindle – you will do some SERIOUS screaming at the computer trying to configure it!

I was very lucky that the parenting site, My Kids Time ran a giveaway of “A Teacher’s Insight.” This was a massive help in getting the word out that my work existed.

More Teacher Insights was published on Amazon the following year.

Although writing for this Facebook page was just a hobby, I was REALLY enjoying it and then I remembered the writing that I had started years before…


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